Understand the large format vision positioning laser cutting machine, make cutting faster

Large format visual positioning laser cutting machine has many advantages, and a good visual positioning laser cutting machine, can make cutting faster; its high precision, high efficiency, high quality, can save costs for enterprises, bring greater benefits.

Large format vision positioning laser cutting machine has many advantages, waiting for you to explore.

With the advantages of accurate, fast, simple operation and high degree of automation, the equipment is widely used in clothing, leather, cloth toys, computerized embroidery cutting, denim clothing, embroidery home textiles, trademark, template cutting, paper products and other industries.

Here are some application advantages of the device:

1、 The operation is simple and easy

Using the laser cutting machine with big vision positioning, it only needs 4 simple steps:

1. Loading

2. Take photos and recognize edges automatically

3. Automatic cutting

4. Sorting and slicing

2、 Automatic feeding full intelligent deviation correction

This product adopts the automatic feeding platform to realize the automatic operation of feeding and cutting, which can save the labor cost; with the automatic deviation correction feeding machine, it can overcome the deformation problem of flexible materials in the process of printing or embroidery, automatic deviation correction, intelligent processing of deformation matching, and realize the automatic edge searching and cutting.

3、 Second level recognition of super format graphics

This product adopts super large cutting format (non standardized customization is acceptable), through high-definition industrial camera, full format scanning, to achieve second level accurate identification, cutting with shooting, more suitable for continuous cutting of coil. Its various customization schemes give you more choices.

4、 Automatic edge searching and precise cutting

This product applies the industry's advanced accurate visual recognition algorithm and fine laser cutting technology, searches and locates the graphic position through the visual system, controls the laser head to move to the corresponding position accurately, and automatically cuts along the edge accurately, with the error less than 0.5mm.

5、 High temperature locking is smooth without drawing

Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The laser cutting machine adopts the non-contact hot processing method, which makes the cutting edge of the product smooth, not burnt, not deformed, so as to realize the high-temperature edge locking without wire drawing.

6、 Full automatic operation saves cost

Automatic feeding platform, continuous cutting, no special guard, easy for workers to learn; this product supports a variety of typesetting methods, can achieve the same graphic seamless splicing cutting, reduce waste loss; comprehensive its various high-quality functions, achieve faster speed, save more material, more superior performance. So as to greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

A good visual positioning laser cutting machine, can make cutting faster; its cutting precision, simple and efficient, stable quality, can save costs for enterprises, bring greater benefits.

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