Hollow leather bag, such a gift is more intimate!


As a hand-held item, leather bags are naturally dazzling and different. For consumers who are now pursuing a stylish personality, distinctive, novel and unique styles are more likely to be favored. The laser cutout leather bag is the best-selling style, which meets the individual needs....

The weather in early spring was warm and cold,

Put on colorful romantic spring clothes,

Carry a fashionable and beautiful bag,

Enjoy the brilliant spring,

Feel the sweetness of spring.

    As one of the most popular processing technologies, laser hollowing technology has been widely used in the design of luggage industry. Compared with traditional processing technology, laser hollowing has higher quality and richer design patterns. The processing procedure is simpler and the production cycle is shorter.

    The unique bag laser engraving machine creates unique floral patterns and fruit patterns for leather bags ... whether it is applied to the surface of the bag or used for the design of the shoulder strap, it is a gorgeous landscape. The clever use of lasers presents a sense of design. Such a personalized hollow bag can only be described by the word "amazing".

Today, Kayo Laser and you walked along the path traversed by the bag laser engraving and cutting machine, and approached the dreamy hollow bag art world.

Recommended equipment

Click laser engraving and cutting machine


Features: high precision and fast speed;

It will not cause squeezing, deformation and damage to the leather, the finished product is smooth and smooth, and the texture is good.

Optional automatic feeding device, feeding, cutting and receiving in one step, which helps to improve production efficiency.