Bright spring sunscreen has a method of digital printing sunscreen mask


Bright spring sunscreen has a method of digital printing sunscreen mask...

The weather is getting better and better, and the domestic epidemic situation is under control. People are gradually going out of their homes and enjoying nature outdoors. The sun warms the ground in spring, whether it is living at home or outdoors, the skin will inevitably have intimate contact with the sun. Sun protection is especially important at this time.

Running, hiking, cycling, and motorcycles are outdoor sports that most people will choose. Outdoor sports will face volatile weather, and to resist cold, sunscreen, wind and dust, a professional sunscreen mask is needed to help you solve these problems.

A well-made sunscreen mask, while focusing on comfort and functionality, should also consider fashion and beauty. Digitally printed sunscreen masks, changeable styles and colors, and versatile shapes can make you a representative of the fashion family.


Digital printing patterns are diverse, colorful and full, and the fabric is soft and smooth. The laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting high-elastic fabrics and other flexible materials. It can flexibly respond to deformation during printing or embroidery and can be automatically corrected The graphics are deformed to achieve high-precision cutting.


Advantages of the machine:

       The khaki digital printing laser cutting machine conforms to the digital printing products, personalized customization, small batch, multi-category printing needs; stable machine performance, precise cutting, smooth trimming, high product quality; automatic feeding, full roll cutting, easy response Large-format cutting; can fully meet the cutting and hollowing requirements of digital printing products.

Recommended equipment-KASU digital printing laser cutting machine