Mask manufacturing industry gospel KN95 mask dedicated visual positioning laser cutting machine


KN95 mask special vision positioning laser cutting machine...

    With the outbreak of the epidemic, the market demand for masks has soared. Many companies have set foot in mask production, such as Foxconn and BYD, and many company products have come out. In the state of epidemic prevention and control, the supply and demand of domestic masks will be in a tight balance for a period of time; while the supply of foreign masks will have a large gap in the short term, and the domestic and foreign mask demand markets are still huge.

    The KASU KN95 mask-specific vision positioning laser cutting machine adopts the high-precision visual recognition algorithm independently developed by Kayo and ultra-fine laser cutting technology to process flexible materials with higher cutting accuracy and smoother curves. In the production of masks, it realizes fully automatic high-precision edge-matching cutting, and the second-level identification of products within 1.8m width; the cutting error is less than 0.5mm; and does not damage the material itself.


Equipment introduction:

     In the production process of KN95 masks, on the basis of the ultrasonic embossing machine that multi-layer mask fabrics are molded at one time, the click camera panoramic laser positioning laser cutting machine can realize automatic recognition and matching cutting along the entire width of the press line.


Product advantages:

      1. The laser processing has high precision, the incision is smooth, and the mask material is not yellowed, blackened, or odorless;

      2. Fully automatic camera edge-finding and cutting, high precision and high product quality; non-contact visual recognition laser processing technology,

      3. No human intervention, saving labor;

      4. The cutting speed is fast, 30 pieces / minute / set, the degree of mechanization is high, and the production efficiency is doubled;

      5. Save at least 30% of raw materials than the traditional tablet machine process, and minimize the production cost;

This machine is also suitable for cutting non-metallic materials such as leather, pu leather, fabric, plexiglass, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, acrylic, paper, wool, bamboo products, double-color boards, PVC boards, fiberboard and composite materials.

Cutting sample effect display


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